A.N.G.E.L.S. Ministry
The Against Neighborhood Gangs, Empowering Local Schools Ministry is designed to deter school-age children from joining street gangs by providing scholarships to martial arts schools as a positive alternative. The ministry includes a gang awareness presentation by law enforcement and former gang members who were able to leave the gang after giving their life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
P.I.G.S. Ministry
The Police In God's Service Ministry is a ministry of Christian law enforcement officers who provide training in law enforcement tactics to police officers in third world countries while spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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Sheepdog Ministries
Sheepdog Ministries is a Christ centered security consultation ministry designed by two current Christian law enforcement officers with over thirty years of combined police experience.

Our focus is a God centered approach to security consulting and training for church settings, as well as the training and mentoring of church security ministries. Money raised from this ministry goes directly to funding the below ministries.
Rudi is a District Attorney Investigator in Southern California, assigned to the Gang Prosecution Unit. Rudi is a 16 year law enforcement veteran who worked 12 years as a police officer for a southern California police department. Rudi has worked his entire law enforcement career in the area of Gangs, Narcotics, Community Policing and SWAT. Rudi is a certified law enforcement Firearms Instructor, Taser Instructor, Chemical Agents Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor who has trained hundreds of military, police and civilian personnel in topics ranging from SWAT tactics, officer safety, police tactics, witness protection, gang and narcotics recognition, prevention and enforcement, as well as riot control and emergency response procedures. Rudi is a well respected and recognized expert in these fields. Rudi served as a former Marine Corps Military Police Officer and Army infantryman. Rudi is a born again Christian who has felt the Lord leading him to use his knowledge and experience to serve in the Security Ministry Field.
Michelle is a detective with a Southern California police department, assigned to a Regional Narcotics and Gang Taskforce. Michelle is a 16 year law enforcement veteran, who has worked 11 years as a police officer. During her career, Michelle has worked in the areas of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Gangs, Narcotics, and School Resource Officer. Michelle is a recognized expert in the area of Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse. She has trained hundreds of police and civilian personnel in the areas of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Recognition, Graffiti recognition and prevention, physical security and school related crimes. Michelle has worked as a security officer and is a former Army Ammunition Specialist, who trained hundreds of military personnel. Michelle is a born again Christian who has felt the Lord guiding her towards service in the Security Ministry Field.