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A.N.G.E.L.S. Ministry
The Against Neighborhood Gangs, Empowering Local Schools Ministry is designed to deter school-age children from joining street gangs by providing scholarships...

P.I.G.S. Ministry
The Police In God's Service Ministry is a ministry of Christian law enforcement officers who provide training in law enforcement tactics to police officers in third world countries...

Bruce B. Bradley - CET, CIT, OHST
"Well worth the time and effort and the information and practices are good for all attendees no matter the level of experience or background. We want to provide this for all our ushers as the skills learned definitely have application in this day and age. Informative, fun and well paced class, great Team of presenters who encourage interaction with the class and use of good support materials. Come prepared to "learn" useful things and have a good time doing it!"
Dean Taylor
"As a member of a large church and a member of the law enforcement community, I have become increasing encouraged to pay attention to the flock. Providing safety and security for a congregation must be done in a way that promotes God first, safety and practical solutions. Sheepdog Ministries does that and more. I would recommend the course to anyone who has a heart to serve but has no practical experience in law enforcement or security. The quality of the Sheepdog Ministries curriculum is not being taught anywhere else"