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In our day and age, we have seen a need for better security in church settings. We provide customized training classes and mentoring for starting a security ministry in your church, while focusing on our Christian Mission. Services are also available in Spanish!

  • Protecting the Flock, while inviting the wolves (Protecting the congregation while ministering to those who need it)
    • Active Shooter Response
    • Defensive Tactics for church settings
    • Responding to security needs in a church setting
    • Responding to various types of emergencies
    • Threat Assessments
    • Women's Self-Defense
  • Protecting the Lambs (Children's Ministry safety tips)
    • Proper screening
    • Check-in/out protocol
    • Worker Awareness of signs of abuse
  • Protecting the Pasture (Physical security of church property)
    • Security through the use of CPTED theories integrated with mechanical and Organized Crime Prevention Techniques
    • Security of special events
    • Internal Security (money escorts, employee safety)
    • VIP Escorts and security